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Aelloon in his customary black armor.

General Temmet Aelloon of the King's Legion is the first adversary the band of adventurers has had to face. He commonly wears a full suit of black iron plate armor, with a small golden badge on the right side of his chest. He desires the Sword of Truth as payment for a debt Benn'joon owes him, and is hunting her relentlessly until she retrieves it for him. In his initial appearance, Commander Aelloon was only shown to directly command a few men; however, he was subsequently shown to have gained control of a significant number of ships, dragons, and soldiers. On that occasion he declares "I am Legara."[1] He later confirmed that he had been promoted.[2]

First Appearance: Page 6


  • Aelloon's declaration that he "is" Legara may be a reference to the phrase "L'État, c'est moi," which is attributed to Louis XIV of France.



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