Beacon of Hope Book 13

The Beacon of Hope.

Beacon of Hope

Clada, Notan and a third apprentice watch as the Beacon of Hope is burned down.

The Beacon of Hope is an elven monastery located on a mountainside, where a master taught Cale'anon Vatay, Clada, Notan and at least two other guys the art of battle through martial arts, body balancing and weapons training, including sword, staff and tonfa practice. The active training took place outdoors throughout all seasons, either in the beacon's courtyard or outside of the beacon on a grassfield. The monks also studied the paths of peace for many years to learn how to help others. Strangely, they were not supposed to ever leave the Beacon of Hope, and should only help others by example. At least one female and two male monks were also living in the Beacon of Hope. All those who trained there had clear tenets, including not being permitted to wed.

The Beacon of Hope had several places of note, including its courtyard, a bed room, and the master's hall which also had a small glasscage for the bunny which the master secretly served.

One day Cale'anon rescued Shora and her Sooba cub and brought them to the monastery, eventually falling in love with Shora and marrying her in secrecy. The master knew that his apprentice was held back from his destiny by Shora's affection, and arranged that she kissed one of his other apprentices - the sorrow made Cale'anon leave the Beacon of Hope, leaving behind Shora and the other apprentices to question their master's motives. When they found he had also killed Shora, to ensure Cale'anon had no reason to return whatsoever, they attacked him - and Clada killed him with a broomstick. Afterwards, they burned down the Beacon of Hope, and left it to chase after Cale'anon and tell him the truth.