Dragonkind, or dragons, are a collection of races of powerful colorful reptiles, in some cases humanoid, in others quadrupedal. They can all be traced back to the First Ones orignating in the land that would later be known as the Realm of Kethen.

Dragons can not swim. Dragon Elders have a particular smell, that Sooba really likes. Dragons are also polygamists

The First Ones Edit


The Dragon King suppered well after Gosep's rebellion.

The First Ones refer to all humanoid dragons.

The culture of the First Ones peaked in the land that would later be known as the Realm of Kethen. They ruled in harmony and prosperity for untold generations serving the Dragon King and his elite in a song of ice and fire. At some point they discovered a small band of human nomads, seeing the potential for a mutual beneficial symbiotic relationship - wanting to attain flight mounting the tribal humans, the primitive mammals were forced for centuries to plummet into their deaths. Gosep's attempt to halt the slavery and massacre upon the human people was futile, yet the great dragon civilization died out over time.

A few dragons known as the Guardians of Eight stayed in the Realm of Kethen, working secretly and tirelessly for generations to guide the humans, dwarves and elves that built the nation of Kethenecia. They attempted to shape the land around them into a force of righteousness and purity - however when the nation was invaded, the dragons, tired with their work, lost hope in their original vision and gave up. Until Cale'anon Vatay and his party convinced them to help him shield the city for 3000 years.

The Dragon Elder is the last of his kind.

Dragons of the Legion Edit

Dragon of the Legion

Dragons of the Legion are white dragons in service of the Kingdom of Legara. They are trapped, tortured and trained for warfare, and each dragon usually carries around two ranged soldiers of the legion.

Sand Dragons Edit


Sand Dragons before the entrance of Kethenecia.

Sand Dragons are dragon golems made of sand, residing in the Ketten Wastelands. They were once summoned by the Archmage of Kethenecia, using a magical relic that could control a thousand sand dragons. He used them to guard the entrance to the forgotten city of Kethenecia - stabbing their eyes with Tavor's swords would create the entrance. Once the city reappeared they instead served the city and its new rulers, until they were replaced as guardians by the Phares. They can be turned into glass when exposed to extreme heat.

After the party returned from their time travel Richard tried tame the sand dragons and get them to accept him as their alpha male. They didn't.

Other Dragons Edit

Known Dragons Edit

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Richard mentions "coal dragons" in page 59. It is unknown if they actually exists.
  • Likewise, he ponders the fusion of dragons and monkeys in page 299, calling them "dragkeys".