Dwarves in Color

Dwarves inside the Mage's Pit in Legara's dungerons.

Dwarves are a race strikingly similar to humans, only shorter and bulkier and often with long beards. They have always been living amongst humans, like in the old Kethenecian empire and in the town of Nestorep.

Klip Ten Breem, more commonly known as Clan Breem, is the only known dwarven clan. They served under the Archmage of Kethenecia 3000 years ago, but has since then turned into "black dwarves" working as masons for the king of Legara.

A dwarven blackmage with a strong sense of irony was the one to pick up the Sword of Truth, reforging it and imbued it with powerful magic.

Known Dwarves Edit