Elves, collectively refered to as the Elven, are a race strikingly similar to humans, but with long pointy ears and a skin tone varying from dark gray to very light.

Long ago, the elven Vuliian Empire from the south expanded north and west with the single purpose of domincance over Legarion. They crushed many powerful nations under their heel and forced all the other elven kingdoms to join them, only opposed by the Gamlon Kingdom. However, the Vulii succeeded in destroying the castle of Gamlon - the elven survivors from Gamlon would found the Guardians of the Way. While the Vulii helped invade Kethenecia. Following their conquest of Legarion the Vulii set up a garrison in the city of Legara - and upon the collapse of the Vuliian Empire, one of the Emperor's sons would create and lead the Kingdom of Legara. For thousands of years the Emperor's line would continue to lead this kingdom.

The Vulii are typically known for their villainous personalities - a trait only Cale'anon and his fellow monk students lacks.

Known Elves Edit