First Mate of the Father's Bones


Elosha, ex-wife
Tah'vraay, daughter
Benn'joon, granddaughter



First Appearance

Page 49

Fuerst was the ex-husband of the Matron, father of Tah'vraay, and first mate on the Father's Bones.


Fuerst married a woman called Elosha, and together, they ran a group of bandits.

The DaughterEdit

One day, as their raiders were gathered on a hilltop, Elosha spoke of her past, describing why she had ended up as she had. Their gang charged downhill attacking the temple of a religious group known as the Brothers of Stone - and trapped inside the basement of the ruins, they found their own people, the Sisters and Sons, and despite Fuerst saying it was a bad idea, Elosha decided she wanted to take care of them. 20 years passed, where they built up a new society with Elosha as their spiritual leader and Fuerst a simple farmer, but he kept missing the old days of piracy, thievery and battle. However, he chose to stay because of two reasons - His lovely wife, and their unborn child. However, one day on a hunting trip Fuerst realize the Brothers of Stone have returned to get revenge, and as all of the Sisters and Sons escaped to the Great Hall of their village, Elosha was hit in the head with an arrow. Fuerst carried her to the others in the hall - and there, they all started to pray. As she lay dying Fuerst was commanded by a mysterious voice to make her drink from a well in the hall they were hiding in. As a result Elosha returned to life with magic powers and a deep faith in the rabbit God, but also erased her memory of her husband and the personality of the woman she was before. Leaving her as a devout nun to a new religion. Elosha, now calling herself "the Mother", commanded the others what the Rabbit told her, to drink the magic water and get magic powers as she had, and so the Sisters became a faction of sorceresses. They won the battle against the Brothers of Stone, and afterwards, the Sisters headed to the North, while the Sons left in another direction. Fuerst followed the love of his life, even though she didn't recognize him anymore, so that he could watch over their daughter - Tah'vraay.

I want to be a Pirate

Fuerst's true happiness was hearing his daughter say this.

However, for many years the Mother kept him away from his daughter, but when it became apparent that Tah'vraay did not inherit any of the powers she or any who drank the water had, the Mother disowned her leaving her to be cared for by the man the Mother had forgotten was her husband. By then 23 years had passed since the day of the Brothers of Stone's attack, and Fuerst wrote a letter to the Mother about how he felt of the odd distance they had had and her treatment of their daughter who had left the temple by his side to go to sea as a pirate.

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