Post GnomeTroll War

After the victory in the gnomes' war against Lord Stoll's trolls, Chief Engineer Toyk hand over the map to the Sword of Truth to his mercenaries, like promised.

Gnomes are one of the many races that reside in the Looking for Group-universe. They're a race of short individuals with an advanced knowledge of technology (some of which exceeds that of modern-day, such as a robotic exo-skeleton).

3000 years ago, gnomes aided the invaders of Kethenecia mounted on griffins.

The only known group of gnomes in recent times used to reside in their own isolated society in the city of Mechastone located inside a mountain - which according to a quote by Benn'joon on page 17 appears to be an unusual place for gnomes to make a home. Their military was called the Mechastone Defense Force and was lead by Chief Engineer Toyk.

At some point the trolls, under Lord Stoll's leadership, invaded from the North and set up camp a few days from Mechastone. They attacked the gnomes' lands, enslaving and killing the gnomes (Including innocent women and children) in order to get the gnomes' ore stockpiles. During Cale'anon's first visit to Mechastone he, alongside Krunch, Benn'joon and Richard came under the employ of the Mechastone Defense Force after they had been tried for the murder 126 gnome soldiers. Chief Engineer Toyk instructed Cale and his company to assassinate the Lord Stoll, in exchange for a scroll describing the road to the Sword of Truth. The gnome soldier Fitch was ordered to lead the group to the troll camp, but accidentally bumped right into a marching troll army. The group was captured, but was able to deceive the troll Lord, assassiating him once they had gotten his trust. Toyk and the Mechastone Defense Force marched straigth into the troll army, and with the help of Cale'anon's group, eventually won the war. Toyk handed over the scroll, as promised, and the group left Mechastone behind.

Much later on in the comic, when Krunch is attempting to gain allies for his clan in an impending war, the Gnomes come to the aid of the Bloodrage, although the vast difference in both height and stature led to bouts of initial prejudice between the groups. After the failed battle of the North, when everyone is forced to flee from the Bloodrage Stronghold, the Gnomes fall back and it is later discovered that they have been placed under siege by the Black Dwarves. Having little options, the group eventually opts to travel with Cale (although Pella was forced to cause their retreat) and pledged their loyalty to the King of Kethenecia. Allied with Cale, the group now makes it's way alongside the remains of the Bloodrage and the Sisters to journey to the land of Kethenecia.

During their travels with Cale, the group stumbles upon the Knights of the Way who eventually join Cale in a manner similar to that of the Gnomes, Bloodrage and Sisters and were present at Kethenecia when Aelloon attacked.

Known Gnomes Edit