Legarion is the continent, in the Mortal World, on which a majority of the stories in the Looking For Group web-comic takes place. An official map of the continent has only been provided through the canceled non-canon Kickstarter game-project LFG - The Fork of Truth.

The land south of the Great Wall are all a part of the Kingdom of Legara, with Legara being the capital city. The King's Port is also a major city in this region. Just north of the Great Wall lies the river Draipen, its shores cornering the village of Nestorep.

To the west of the Great Wall lies the Port of Tyne, and the ruins of the great elven kingdom of Gamlon.

Everything north of the Kingdom of Legara's borders is usually categorized simply as the North, or No Man's Land. Many different cultures were represented in this region, including the Gnomes of Mechastone, the undead from Richard's Village of the Damned, the Sisters in the Citadel of the Sisters and the Bloodrage from Bloodrage Island. All these different people used to fight one another, and other tribal people in the area, like trolls, until they all banded together under Cale'anon Vatay's rule and moved to Kethenecia.