Notan was one of the apprentices who studied under their master at the Beacon of Hope. He appears to be able to unlock an inner fury when yelling "Gerry!" out loud.


Book 13Edit

Pick Up Your Weapons

A young Notan with Cale'anon, Clada barely seen and another pupil during one of their master's battle lessons.

Notan was taught martial arts and weapon practice by the same master as Cale'anon, Clada and two other elves. The master was often focusing his training on Cale'anon, and made the others team up against him.

Those Left BehindEdit

Notan slash Gerry

Notan releases "Gerry!" on the Nestorep guards.

Upon learning that their master killed Shora to ensure that Cale'anon would not return, he, Clada and a third apprentice attacked their master. Clada eventually killed him with a broomstick. They burned down the Beacon of Hope and left to find Cale'anon and tell him the truth about Shora. They arrived in Nestorep and were seized when speaking of Cale'anon, but they defeated the guards when Notan released his inner "Gerry!". The group learned of Cale'anon's Warlock friend and continued their quest to find him.

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