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In the first page of this webcomic, a rabbit is killed for the amusement of the reader.


  • Unknown forest

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Cale'anonGreetings, world!
I am Cale'anon, the young and bold adventurer seeking to become the greatest hero history has ever known.
Cale'anon picks up a small blue bird.
Cale'anonI will help people in distress-
Richard(out of frame) Cough.

(in frame) I couldn't help overhear, mostly because I was thinking of killing you and taking your cloak,
But I think you're a bit on the confused side.

Cale'anonWhat do you mean, kind stranger?
RichardI don't know if you've looked in the mirror recently, but helping people in distress isn't the sort of thing your kind does.
Cale'anonI don't understand.
RichardInstead of helping an aged dwarf woman across a road, you should be shooting her in the face with arrows until it stops being funny.
Cale'anonWhat? Why?
RichardYour race. They're evil. Ergo, you're evil.
Cale'anonI'm not following you.
By evil, you mean...
Maybe a visual aid would help.
Richard picks up a rabbit.
RichardAllow me to demonstrate.
Cale'anon(to rabbit) Hello there, little guy.
Richard torches the rabbit.
Cale'anonIs there any chance he was the one who killed your father and you were seeking justice so your beloved and missed parent could be at peace in the afterlife?
RichardNo, but it does bring to mind the amusing story of the time I murdered my father.
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