"Brothers! The Vulii come, but we will stand. There was a time that the elven were known for their generosity, their honor and their compassion. While those ideals are fading amongst our kind with the dominion of the Vulii, that is still who we are, who we pray our children will be. The Vulii seek to lead the elven into a new era, one of greed, cruelty and hatred. The Vulii may not be allowed victory this day, lest our noble race fall into disgrace. The Vulii will come, but we will stand. In 3,000 years, how would you have us remembered? What principals would you have our future kin uphold? The Vulii will come, but we will stand. For Honor, for love, for the future of all elves. FOR GAMLON!"
—The King of Gamlon speaks to the people of Gamlon prior to the siege.

The Siege of Gamlon was a battle between the elven nation of Gamlon and the Vuliian Empire. The last nation opposing the Vulii, Gamlon was approached by the Vulii elves. Though the King of Gamlon attempted to engage diplomacy with the Vulii, it was a futile attempt, and Gamlon soon found itself under siege, fighting for the future of their people. Against overwhelming odds, Gamlon held the Vulii off for five days with hundreds dying, until the gates were breached, and despite all their efforts Gamlon was overran. Heavily outnumbered, Tavor gave the signal for his people to flee through a portal to the wetlands, though those in Gamlon were cut off from the Treeal Shrines. The King was killed in battle, impaled on a halberd while charging with his remaining men while Tavor fled into the catacombs with Princess Leena.

Cale'anon Vatay was magically transported to the time of the battle by the spirit of Princess Leena, who became the Shriek that inhabited the ruins of Gamlon. Mistaken for a country lord who arrived to stand with Gamlon, he fought alongside Tavor and the King, and accompanied Tavor into the catacombs with the princess. Before being forcefully returned to his own time he acquired Tavor's blades, which when bathed in blood showed the path to Kethenecia.

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