The Daughter

Cover art for The Daughter.

The Daughter is the fourth story of the Non-Player Character-series, featuring a background story for the Matron of the Sisters and Tah'vraay. It is illustrated by Hawk.

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A young Elosha was just a poor girl begging for money from the bypassing civilians in the streets, who then brought back the collected money to a nun. The collected money was not satisfactory, so the young girl is punished and forced to pray. However, she had enough of the rough treatment and strangles the nun with her own whip.

Elosha told this tale years later to her husband, Fuerst, with whom she shared a life of banditry. On that day their gang attacks the Brothers of Stone - and trapped inside the basement of the ruins, they find their own people, the Sisters and Sons, and take care of them. 20 years pass, and they build up a new society with Elosha as their spiritual leader. She also gets pregnant with Fuerst's child. However, the Brothers of Stone come to get revenge, and as all of the Sisters and Sons escape to the Great Hall of their village, Elosha is hit in the head with an arrow. Fuerst carry her to the others in the hall - and there, they all start to pray. Their prayers are answered, and Elosha returns to life with magic powers and a deep faith in the rabbit God, but also amnesia. Elosha commands the others what the Rabbit tells her, and so the Sisters head to the North, while the Sons left in another direction. Fuerst followed her, even though she didn't recognize him anymore, so that he could watch over their daughter - Tah'vraay. He took great care of her, when her mother abandonned her - and showed her the path of piracy.

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