Old Cow
The Father's Bones

The Father's Bones.

The Old Cow, originally named the the Father's Bones, or simply the Bones for short, is a pirate ship captained by Tah'vraay. It was renamed some time after the death of Krunch Bloodrage, and its figurehead was crafted in Krunch's likeness, holding a book and wielding a hammer.

Captain Tah'vraay's father, Fuerst, served as first-mate to her daughter, and together they carried out acts of piracy aboard the Father's Bones, like burning the King's granaries, but also earned money by transporting adventurers across the sea. One such party of adventurers hired the crew in the Port of Tyne heading for the Ketten Wastelands. On their journey to the wastelands they were attacked by a Legion warship, but won the battle at the cost of the Bones' mast, which Krunch later paid for.

The ship has a longboat, which is used to get people ashore, when reaching high terrain.

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