Those Left Behind

Cover art for Those Left Behind.

Those Left Behind is the sixth story of the Non-Player Character-series, featuring a background story for Shora, and the remaining apprentices at the Beacon of Hope; Clada, Notan and one other guy. It is illustrated by Hawk.

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Story Edit

The three remaining apprentices at the Beacon of Hope; Clada, Notan and one other guy, have a conversation about why Cale'anon left, without Shora. The third guy begin to question their master's motives and methods, since he had previously being compelled by the master to kiss Shora, and in that way, make Cale'anon leave the Beacon of Hope. When he goes to question the master they find out that he also killed Shora. The master revealed that Cale'anon's destiny lied outside of the Beacon of Hope, and thus everything that could hold him back, like Shora, should perish. The apprentices attack their master, and finally, Clada kills him. Clada tells the two others that they should pack their things, for they will be going after Cale'anon to tell him the truth. The three apprentices decide to burn down the Beacon of Hope before they leave it, then travel for days until they reach Nestorep. There, they are seized by the guards when speaking of Cale, but defeat them and learn of his warlock friend.

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