Troll Army

The Mechastone Defense Force mercenaries wander straight into Styx' marching troll army.

Trolls, or North Trolls, are one of the many races that reside in the Looking for Group-universe. They're a race of huge, swamp-green or blue, barbarian-like individuals with dark hairy features on their upper body and forearms, sharp teeth and commonly having black eyes with red-pupils although a few had blue or light green eyes. Some would also have horns emerging from their foreheads.

North Trolls are rather intelligent, while half-breed trolls are known for the opposite. They are capable of learning powerful nature magic.

Trolls live in No Man's Land in the North, organized in clans often in war with each other. The biggest troll clan, known by their light-brown banners with a dark brown silhouette of a bony hand, was lead by Lord Stoll. Their military featured primarily grunts wearing a minimal armor, but often brown horned helmets and golden belts, and a vast selection of weaponry, including war-hammers, maces, clubs, battle-axes, spears, halberds, swords and big round or ordinarily-shaped wooden shields for protection. They used siege machines like catapults and siege towers pulled by huge brown beasts. In their ranks were also a lot of elder shaman, wielding bony staves, and were able to remove power from enemy magicians by placing wards nearby.

Trolls speak common, draconic and troll.

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Lord Stoll found a support from the Bloodrage Chief due to their similar liking to empirical expansions. Yet, the trolls always raided the Bloodrage Tribe when they could. At some point Stoll chose Styx to be his second-in-command, and had him eliminate the other troll clans. Under their command, the trolls then marched south and set up camp a few days from Mechastone. There, they begun besieging the gnome lands, claiming the Pit of Despair and other locations in Chief Engineer Toyk's domain, enslaving and killing innocent gnomes for their ore resources.

Troll Blue Clan

Styx and the blue-skinned troll clan.

At some point a small group lead by the Mechastone Defense Force soldier Fitch, including Cale'anon the elf, Krunch of the Bloodrage Clan, Richard the Warlock and priestess Benn'joon, accidently wandered straight into Styx' marching troll army, and were taken into custody - Richard and Benn being thrown in the Pit of Despair, while Krunch and Cale were lead to the supreme troll leader, whom they tricked and killed when they had the chance. The Mechastone Defense Force attacked simuntaneously, and the gnomes were able to win the war. Styx lead the remaining army away, and took complete control of the troll forces.

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